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Bike Rack

All photos are thumbnails, click on a picture to see a larger version

As luck would have it I wandered into our local Camping World store justBR1.jpg (21138 bytes) looking to see what was around.  They were in the process of moving displays around and things were in disarray.  I found a 3 bike Swagman Bike Rack leaning in the corner which had obviously been an old display model.  I asked the manager the price, knowing full well that with the locking knobs it was over $100.  He looked at it and said, I'll make you a deal, how about $60.  Sold!




The model I got has the base configured as a "sleeve" which fits over ourBR5.jpg (38028 bytes) existing 2" drawbar.  Once in place it is secured with 3 bolts, two from the bottom and one from the side.  This keeps it from sliding on the drawbar.  It only needs about 3 inches of clearance between the receiver and ball.  My luck, only 2 inches.


Well I stopped by my dealer and showed them the bike rack and asked how much to get a longer drawbar.  $30 for the longer drawbar, but for $55 they would just make up a new longer drawbar unit with 2" ball, sway plate & ball.  Again, sold.


So now I have 2 complete drawbar units, one with a bike rack installed andBR3.jpg (45567 bytes) one without.  Depending on our plans for the trip I just choose which one I want.

Prior to the new Swagman Bike Rack I used a rack strapped to the back of the pop up top.  I configured a metal plate to mount between the box and ABS top for a strap model rack to push against.  Straps were then run over the pop up top and secured to the front frame member.  While secure, I was just never comfortable because it was difficult to see the bikes in my rearview mirror.
Photo to the left shows the camper frame member under the bunk that the plate presses against.  The two screws which are in this area have been raised to allow the late to slide under them. The photo to the right shows the prototype plate which puts pressure against the camper frame, not the camper top or seal.



Photo to the left shows a close up of the bike rack pressing against the plate. Photo to the right shows a BikeSideView3.jpg (36203 bytes) long view of the rack in place.



BikeFront.jpg (24991 bytes)The rack is held in place by straps running to the front frame of the pop up





While camping at Tuckahoe State Park I Bikes1.jpg (90356 bytes)discovered a neighbor who used a commercial utility carrier for the family bikes.  These are available from most outdoors stores like Cabela's. Add a Class III receiver to the front of your tow vehicle and the carrier slidesBikes2.jpg (88728 bytes) right into the receiver.  Options available for the carriers include a center bar (in between the bikes) that can be used to secure them or rail kits to help keep loads in.

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